T-FIT PVDF Tape technical information

This adhesive tape product is designed specifically for T-FIT® Installations.
Comprised of a PVDF polymer film and a high-performance pressure sensitive adhesive.
Especially designed for chemical and flammability resistance.

Product description
Item code: ZAXX9164

Roll construction
• 0.003” PVDF polymer film
• 0.003” white high-performance adhesive
• 80lb Kraft release liner
• Total Tape Thickness .011” (including release liner)

Roll dimensions
Current Product supplied as the following:
• 1” wide x 60 linear yards long
• Supplied on a 3” plastic core
• Release liner facing outward, film inward

Tape format
• Standard format of solid back or non-split liner
• Also available as a “split-back” or 50/50 split release line