T-FIT Hygiene Application profile 37 Condensation

Condensation control in cleanroom environments

T-FIT® Hygiene insulation is developed from Zotefoams’ ZOTEK® F 42 HT LS PVDF closed cell foam, a material which has numerous benefits when it comes to insulation, especially within food and beverage, dairy and other aseptic, sterile environments.

As cold pipe work is susceptible to condensation forming on its surface – this occurs if the surface temperature of the pipe falls below the dew point of its environment – formation of condensation in clean manufacturing facilities can lead to contamination of the environment and compromise the quality of products being produced, so must be avoided. Therefore, the thickness of T-FIT Hygiene insulation can have a significant impact on the ability to prevent condensation build up.

This application profile outlines information regarding the thickness of T-FIT Hygiene insulation that is predicted to prevent condensation formation on cold pipework for a selection of different pipe temperatures and ambient conditions.