T-FIT Clean Application profile 32-Condensation

Low temperature performance: Condensation control

The following document describes the low temperature performance of T-FIT® Clean insulation.

Cold pipe work is susceptible to condensation forming on its surface. This occurs if the surface temperature of the pipe falls below the dew point of its environment. Formation of condensation in clean manufacturing environments can lead to contamination of the environment and compromise the quality of products being made, so must be avoided.

Installing T-FIT insulation on pipework can raise its surface temperature above the dew point of the environment and avoid formation of condensation on the insulation. It is vital that the thickness of insulation is selected such that the surface temperature of the insulation does not fall below the dew point temperature in the environment where it is installed. As seen in figure 1, the initial increase in thickness of insulation (compared to no insulation at all) has a large effect on surface temperature of the insulation, which then levels off with further increasing thickness.