T-FIT Application profile 28-Burns

Avoiding contact burn injuries from heated surfaces using T-FIT insulation

Through internal testing, T-FIT® insulation materials have been shown to provide protection against contact burn injuries from heated surfaces. This document provides a brief summary of the testing and results.

According to ASTM C 1055: Standard guide for heated system surface conditions that produce contact burn injuries, the maximum level of injury recommended on the average person is first degree burns after 5 s contact time for industrial processes. Second degree burns are more serious than first degree because tissue is permanently damaged, so they are not deemed acceptable in most cases.

To measure the skin contact temperature from the surface of T-FIT insulation, covering a hot pipe, a thermesthesiometer device was used in accordance with ASTM C 1057. The thermesthesiometer provides an electrical analogue of the finger’s thermal response when touching a heated surface. The calibrated sensor probe is placed against the heated surface for the designated contact time and the maximum temperature is measured.